Building Google's global e-Learning platform.

We helped Google to design and build a platform to solve both a corporate social responsibility (CSR) and commercial objective. 

Our work supported individual learning needs relating to digital marketing skills, while building familiarity with the google marketing suite and ultimately leading to increased advertising spend. 

An untapped market. 

Google identified that over 99% of the UK’s 5.4 million businesses are small to medium-sized. They also knew that companies with a strong digital presence experienced faster growth, but less than 30% of these SMBs were online.

We needed a way to help individuals within these companies understand digital marketing tools and techniques, and allow them to improve the online presence, performance and growth of their businesses. 

By increasing their skills, they would ultimately become more comfortable using the Google suite of products and channels available. 

UK Businesses are medium-sized

SMB's online

An insight led design.

Our qualitative and quantitative research phase highlighted the habits and behaviours of people working at these businesses. They all wanted to grow the business, but the individuals working in them weren't sure where or how to start. 

They were also time poor, meaning that all course content needed to be available wherever and whenever they wanted.

We designed the Digital Garage platform using Google’s own design language – Material Design – a mobile-first responsive format, ideal for learning on the go. The build was completed and delivered to the strictest development, deployment and quality standards expected from a Google project.

As the platform would have a global audience, all of the design thinking took into account localisation and multilingual requirements, including 23+ languages including left to right and right to left support.

Personalised e-Learning.

Users of The Digital Garage platform needed a learning programme tailored to their specific needs, and the opportunity to learn at their own pace. 

We created a comprehensive, interactive ‘Diagnostics Tool’ which, following a series of simple questions, suggests a personal learning plan catered to the visitor’s commercial situation, current knowledge levels and goals.
They were then served a personalised learning programme packed with videos, interactive quizzes and assessments. These formats require more focus than text-only pages, helping to bolster  learning, comprehension, and knowledge retention. 

After successful completion, the user gains an accreditation recognised by the IAB, and a firm foundation in digital marketing.

A global success.

The platform has launched in 45 markets, including Japan, Africa, South America and Australia. Two million users have created an account and over 15 million lessons have been completed. 

The Digital Garage has won a Marcom Platinum Award for Economic Development; a Marcom Gold for App for Training/Learning; a UK Digital Experience Award for Customer Experience Innovation; and two DIGIDAY awards for Best Audience Development Platform and B2B Campaign of the Year. 

Following the launch, Google commissioned Ipsos to survey the training alumni to see how the training has helped them to grow their careers and businesses and found fantastic results. Ipsos found that 79% of SMBs trained were more confident using digital tools to run their business. Over half of SMEs noticed a positive change in business results within 14 weeks of the training. They’re winning new customers, and increasing sales and profits. 

And vitally, particularly in countries where youth unemployment is a big issue, 18% of students trained found a job, started their own business or started to work freelance.

Lessons completed

SMBs trained were confident using digital tools to run their business

Students trained found a job, started their own business or started to work freelance


Marcom Platinum Award
Economic Development
Marcom Platinum Award
B2B Campaign of the Year
Digiday Award
Best Audience
Development Platform
Digiday Award
Best Audience
Development Platform
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