e-Learning for the financial services sector.

Rehab helped a global bank to build a global e-Learning platform using a new Learning Management System, bespoke e-Learning programmes and personalised educational content.

The unavoidable issue.

Knowledge retention, repeat training costs and general engagement with e-Learning programmes are challenges that most large organisations face.  

Employees often see it as a box-ticking exercise, rather than a fulfilling and valuable experience. The expectation is that e-Learning is time-consuming, tedious and you won’t really discover anything you didn’t already know. 

This creates risks for business. Mandatory compliance and regulation training; key person dependencies; wasted training spend; keeping knowledge in the business when people understandably move... the list goes on. 

A global bank asked us to transform the bank's existing digital university into a seamless learning experience. It was to be built using best in class e-Learning technology with new educational content formats to aid knowledge retention and comprehension.

Hours of training completed in 2019

A disparate technology landscape.

As with many global businesses, there were several legacy technology platforms and systems that were unable to support the employee expectations. 

We helped a global bank to take stock of the various learning technological solutions used within the bank and matched user and business needs against the technology landscape and e-Learning strategy.

We then ran an RFP process (including scoring, interviews, and running the pitches) for a new Learning Technology platform to house all of the learning content and deliver the learning and employee experience vision, ultimately choosing Degreed.

Personalised e-learning.

After a deep-dive audit of the learning material we knew we needed to incorporate the four tried-and-tested learning principles: Contextualise, Interact, Apply and Repeat. We also know that for content to be effective, it has to be engaging,so we set out to redefine what engaging e-Learning looks like.

A scenario-based diagnostic that learners complete before starting the course personalises the learning path, based on a user’s current knowledge and their level of experience. We were able to tailor the curriculum for each learner by either serving up shorter, refresher-style lessons, or longer more in-depth lessons – or even a mixture of both.

Layered content to help recall.

We’ve built four programmes in total, covering diverse topics from social engineering (e.g. phishing) to understanding machine learning and data ethics.

To maintain engagement, we incorporated crafted quizzes and activities throughout, with multiple choice quiz questions to challenge users on what they had just learned. 

Knowledge retention was a key focus for the programme of work, so striking a balance between fresh content and repetition was essential.

First we created a video animation explaining the concept in its simplest form. Then we used copy and illustration to give more context and provide clear examples of the process in action. Finally we built a drag and drop activity, using a scenario-based example and challenging the user to put the steps into the correct order. 

Setting new standards and shaping the future of learning.

With increasing digital distractions, and evermore exciting digital experiences, capturing and holding people’s attention is becoming exceptionally difficult. 

The expectation of online learning is changing and it takes brave companies to lead the way and jump feet first into the future.


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