Studio theolin + Rehab

Protecting young talent in the creative industry.

Jenny Theolin, shared a Linkedin post calling out the unfair treatment of emerging talent in the creative industry. So we teamed up to do something about it.

Green is the new black.

Too many creative agencies recruit interns and make them work for free. It’s not okay to offer nothing. It’s bad for the hard-working individuals that are trying to get a foot in, and it’s bad for the industry.

But rather than blacklisting these organisations, Theolin Studio wants to shine a light on the companies that were doing it right. Green for go.


Focus on the positive.

Our team (strategy, UX, design and dev) worked closely with Studio Theolin on this pro bono project. Creating a place for people to pass on their experience and give a company the green light. So new talent knows where to go for a good deal.

Together we launched the Green Light List site to support the future generation of creatives. A crowd-sourced directory of agencies that value their junior workforce and treat them fairly.

“It is interesting how some agencies dare to talk diversity (however that is defined) at the same time as they’re making young people work for free.”
Tor Löwkrantz Waxin,
Program Director, Berghs School of Communications.

Reviews, staying true.

It’s important to validate every recommendation, so the site remains reliable for new talent. When people provide a reason to ‘green light’ a new agency, we make sure they’ve worked there. Once the review is authenticated, we add it to the list. Ready to help the next person start their career.

Not only that, Green Light List provides handy resources for emerging talent so they understand their rights at work and get where they want to be.


Green Light and read all over.

The initiative has already attracted 13 industry partners, including Glug, Hyper Island, and She Says. Green Light List is always looking for organisations to help the cause, so if you want to get involved, contact Jenny today.

The Green Light List has appeared in a number of press publications. All helping shine a light on those in the industry that are doing it right.