Triage platform is a managed service that leverages AI to carry out tasks humans can't do, we use it to assist teams to make them more efficient and develop more effective ideas, faster.

What’s wrong with traditional ideation & innovation?

Costly to Generate

Great ideas are expensive to produce. Most live and sadly die in pitch decks.

What’s your ROI on creativity?

Timing is Crucial

Innovation is unpredictable. It’s getting harder to action at the speed of culture. 

Are you moving fast enough?

Lots of Wastage

Teams are duplicating work en masse. Resulting in huge production inefficiencies.

How efficient are your teams?

How does it work?

Triage uses proprietary data sources alongside your business’ intelligence to support a wide range of ideation use-cases. It delivers efficient innovation and ideation, allowing teams to spend time on validation and quality craft to achieve effectiveness.


We train AI on your ideas

We create a repository of your existing ideation, restoring old concepts and ideas living in pitch decks and archives, enabling teams to view key insights and timelines of the concepts as they update.


We match with external signals

Only the most relevant new technologies, consumer trends, competitor launches and other market signals presented to your teams, matched with existing ideas and business objectives.


We use AI to find opportunities

Definition of your teams strategic advantages and opportunities.

- Define strategy
- Rapid response
- Actionable insights


We create and answer briefs

Supercharge briefs to rapidly propel your internal or external creative and innovation teams into captivating new and exciting areas of thinking.
Ideal for briefs that needs a fast response, giving your teams an unfair game-changing advantage.

Our clients

Use AI to unlock your unfair advantage
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Increase your teams productivity, creativity and grow faster with AI augmented ideation.
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