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Now more than ever, as an industry, we must ensure that we are generating successful outcomes for consumers, and critically that those outcomes are not having an unintentional negative impact on our planet.

That’s why as an agency, we’re redefining the understanding of the relationships between digital technology and sustainability. Whilst also clueing in our partners on how they can do the same.

Creating Unfair Advantages.
“Lots of agencies say they know about technology, Rehab apply it to our challenges in a way that actually impacts our business.”

Sean Ivester, Marketing Manager

The internet is accountable for 3.7% of the world's carbon emissions. That’s more than the entire airline industry.

As consumers, we may think about the main carbon footprint contributors as being what we eat and drink, where we travel and what we wear. We know that electricity is an unsustainable source of energy and yet, we don’t seem to think about the impact of our actions on the internet in the same way.

But for you as a business marketing to consumers in 2022, you need to and fast. It’s time to incorporate digital into your pre-existing sustainability mission in order to have an impact on reducing carbon emissions. The only way this can work is to ensure that traditional and digital sustainability methods go hand in hand.

The next phase for businesses is to look at sustainability from all angles. For example, if you implement new initiatives for selling recycled products, you also need to consider the environmental impact of the online platform you are selling them on,

If the internet was a country, it would be the 7th largest polluter.

The Three Pillars of Digital Sustainability

Digital sustainability is not just about the technology itself, but also how we use it. The three pillars that define our approach to digital sustainability:


Our internet connections are constantly becoming faster and cheaper every day, making the problem worse as web designers become more complacent when considering efficiency.

When we embrace the spirit of minimalism, not just from an aesthetic perspective, but also from an efficiency perspective, we can achieve more with less.

By questioning every detail and thinking critically about how we might create better solutions, not only can we reduce the emissions of the products we design, but we can also make them more effective for users and businesses.

When designing sustainable platforms we need to shift our perspective to focus on efficiency and reducing energy usage.


Transparency is a powerful tool capable of giving you unprecedented control over your supply chains and environmental footprint whilst offering consumers increased visibility, safety and education.

At rehab, we believe that transparency in the digital industry can empower brands and people to take meaningful actions to restore our natural world.

By implementing transparency, we can give users control over how much CO2 they produce by being online, creating new digital sustainable behaviors.


At rehab, we understand our responsibility to the natural environment and our urgent need to cut carbon emissions caused by digital spaces to keep those natural systems in balance.

We follow John Elkington's principles of Triple Bottom Line Theory.

This concept suggests that we should measure profit not just on the financial bottom line but also on the benefit of our business to society and the natural environment.

Where do digital sustainability and Gen Z come into this?

With emerging tech, comes trickier markets. Generation Z presents a challenge for businesses as they have introduced a new age of disengagement when it comes to brands.

With their values intrinsically linked to geo, social, political and environmental perspectives, age-old tactics are feeble and unless negative, any conversion is minimal. Greenwashing goes without saying, so authentic measures are your direct route to success.

The key to achieving a high engagement rate from this new generation is to authentically embrace their values in a new, fresh way. Cutting through the noise of traditional advertising, and taking a fresh approach to sustainability is the way to grab their attention.

We’re inventing the new normal.

Our Digital Sustainability experience.

Rehab had previously worked with a leading sports brand when we redesigned their microsite to be more sustainable. We created a website with a 98.72% less carbon impact compared to the original one. With every 500,000 visits, we managed to save 770 kg of CO2, which is equivalent to the production of 207 pairs of sneakers.

Our hacker mentality
Rehab Hackweeks are short sprints where a small team collaborates and experiments to find creative solutions to real-world problems such as digital sustainability. Browsing the internet is a daily part of our lives. However, every activity we engage with online, whether it’s reading the news or watching Netflix, creates an environmental impact – a big one! Unfortunately, users don’t have much control over how much CO2 they produce by being online, which is why we created our plugin – Toggle.  

Toggle is a browser extension that gives users the power to browse the web more sustainably without disrupting their daily online activities. The first toggle that we have created is the ability to ‘toggle off’ images. We are currently in the process of creating additional toggles. In the future, users will be able to ‘toggle off’ other CO2-producing digital assets such as: Custom fonts, CSS animations, Javascript, Lightmode to darkmode 

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We help brands move towards
a more sustainable future.

We have a systematic approach to becoming a market leader in Digital Sustainability.

Rehab will identify areas where you can integrate sustainability efforts into your website and apps. Being aware of the impact puts you in a leading position in your category and you are able to captivate new audiences and invest in the future of our planet. 

To discuss how our recommendations can help your business, please get in touch.

Sustainability Roadmap & Workshop

Quantifying impact, identifying key areas for improvement and creating a Sustainability Roadmap to implement those changes. 

You want to quickly understand the impact of your business today and understand how to improve your impact over time.

Desk research, strategic POV, a roadmap with quick win opportunities along with executional examples. This is presented to you and your team in a workshop style environment leaving you with toolkits to start to implement

10 days 
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Sustainability Triage

Creative idea generation, refinement to execution and high-fidelity prototypes of executions that create sustainability behavior change.

You need to understand and validate your sustainability roadmap, in a cost and time efficient manner. 

A large selection of creative ideas, refinement of ideas into executions and 1 execution prototyped to create an interactive high fidelity prototype.

4-6 weeks
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Digital Touchpoint Optimization

A series of tactics that can be applied to existing digital properties that can optimize and improve the carbon impact of your website or apps.

You want to show medium term improvement in your carbon impact, to start the journey into reducing the impact of your touchpoints on the environment.

Deep Analysis of your digital touchpoint, including UX, Design, Content and SEO improvements which improve ranking, page speed while reducing friction.

8-10 weeks
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Sustainable Microsite

Creation of your first sustainable digital property is aligned with your sustainability mission or programs. Our teams will concept, and produce the touchpoint with sustainability built in from the ground up.

To create a sustainable touchpoint that is press-worthy and aligned with your brand and mission

Strategy, design, content and build of a sustainable website that actively reduces your brand’s carbon footprint.

8 weeks
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Let's build the future.

Rehab has over 18 years experience in building large scale web products with a focus on security, scale, growth, performance, and user experience - in addition to creating NFT projects for Meta, Ripple & Nike.

Rehab is an innovation & design studio, we create growth for brands, by leveraging emerging technology using our fast-to-market creative process, Triage
Creating Unfair Advantages.
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