Why Companies That Innovate Through Recessions are the Most Valuable

Many people see recessions as an economic decline. We don't. We know there are opportunities to be found during periods of economic turmoil.

An Unfair Advantage: August 2022

Curated selection of stories, including digital sustainability, sustainable website development, and AI tools.

An Unfair Advantage: November 2021

Inspired by COP26 and rapid advancements in the NFT space, we cover what digital solutions can offer the planet, Music+Social+NFT = Fandom, and some digital medical advancements that are significant.

web3 is re-writing everything.

An introduction to web3, blockchain networks, crypto-wallets, NFTs, and DAOs. Diving into use cases and examples.

An Unfair Advantage: October 2021

We explore topics such as AI, NFT Utility and solving the age-old question 'I need an app but don't know code!'

An Unfair Advantage: September 2021

This month, we curate a selection of insights and stories exploring NFTs (non-fungible tokens), Olympian robots, the Metaverse, and when it's time to break up with your customers, (and more)!

An Unfair Advantage: July 2021

The big news has been privacy and trust in tech, replicating voices with new AI text-to-speech services and making 3D models in minutes for AR.

Pill-ID - our latest hackweek!

Pill-ID is the latest output from Rehab's hack week programme.

Chatbots & AI

Chatbots are one of the main real-world business implementations of artificial intelligence (AI) software today. As such, chatbot tech may seem to be a very modern phenomenon, and its widespread use is indeed quite recent. But in fact, chatbots have been around for a very long time.

An Unfair Advantage: May 2021

The big news has been AI in healthcare, new tech announcements for augmented reality experiences and big moves toward technology for good.

The Fear of Fear is Changing

Innovation, by its very nature, involves change and disruption. This is undisputed, but many businesses can, naturally, have some reservations about disrupting themselves too much.

The Evolution of Advertising in the home

The state of advertising is constantly evolving and adapting to the times. Always has been and always will be. This has never been more prominent than in the last year.

An Unfair Advantage: April 2021

The big news has been NFTs, healthcare and technology, and interesting moves by big tech brands.

The Influence of Big Tech on Healthcare

If connected health feels big now, it’s going to be absolutely colossal in a few years time, as the likes of Apple and Google all make this market a key priority.

Rehab launches COVID Vax Facts - tackling vaccine hesitancy

Creative technology agency Rehab and the University of Nottingham today announce the launch of Covid Vax Facts, an innovative online chatbot aimed at tackling concerns around the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

Wearables and healthcare

So, where will wearables go next with healthcare? And what does this all mean for existing healthcare systems?

Rehab designs chatbot experience to battle Covid vaccine hesitancy

Developed in partnership with the University of Nottingham, Covid Vax Facts is a “conversational interface”, according to the studio, which interacts with users in an “objective, non-judgemental” way.

Digital Therapies: How have digital mental health treatments evolved?

An opinion piece from Rosie Copland-Mann, Creative Strategist at Rehab

An Unfair Advantage: March 2021

An Unfair Advantage: Rehab's monthly round-up of interesting stuff happening across the world of creative technology and innovation

Voice commerce and the opportunity for retail

CEO Rob Bennett's opinion piece on voice commerce and the opportunity for retail

Going digital, but keeping learning human

The transition to remote working has been the biggest working change in many people’s lifetimes, exacerbated somewhat by the fact that it happened almost overnight.

What We Learned from Making Consumer Experiences with Major Brands

Opinion piece- 10 things we've learned working with VP's at major consumer brands.

The Evolving Role of VoiceTech in the Home

Voice-tech has seen a monumental rise in the last few years, and has now become a de-facto member of many households.

Our Diversity Commitment

We at Rehab support diversity. We stand against racism and systemic injustice. We support the LGBTQ+ community, empowering women, and anyone who suffers from under-representation and inequality. As a company and as individuals, we commit to using our platforms to elevate more diverse voices and making a positive social impact.

Screens aren’t going anywhere - Hero or Villain?

The explosion of screens into our daily lives, as companions, assistants, and entertainment hubs has been phenomenal. Most estimates even suggest that screens now outnumber humans on planet Earth.

Placesonas: The New Imperative for Brand's Smart Assistants

Smart assistants are everywhere – and their numbers are growing fast. Almost a quarter of UK households already own smart speakers and we’re getting more and more accustomed to seeing such technology as an extension of our own minds and bodies.

Why Independent Agency Collaboration is essential right now.

Life, culture, the world around us, it’s all moving incredibly fast. Faster than most can ever remember.

Entertainment brands need to empower younger audiences

Technology and pop culture is constantly evolving. More so this year as brands pivot and get creative with online platforms and virtual experiences to meet the high demand.

Virtual try-on can future-proof retail

Virtual try-on is on the rise and if you think it’s just a fad, get ready to be left behind. Recent advances in the tech have inspired us, and others, to see how far we can push the limits of possibility, and there is an array of ways in which its application can benefit retailers of all shapes and sizes.

Whatsapp and healthcare innovation

How can messenger solutions be used by healthcare businesses looking for more efficient communication?

Treat Street - An Augmented reality experiment

With cancellations and restrictions overshadowing festivities this year, we needed to bring the fun back, and give children a reason to get outside, have some fun and trick-or-treat in their neighbourhoods safely.

Chatbots and voice technology for healthcare brands

How are chats bots and voice technology impacting the healthcare sector?

How digital experiences are changing healthcare

Some thoughts on how digital patient education systems are creating a modern healthcare experience

Do brands have a responsibility to be educators?

Rehab looks at how brands have, and should, respond to the homeschooling situation many parents have unexpectedly found themselves in.

Inertia had stifled digital innovation, COVID accelerated it.

Our thoughts on why inertia had stifled digital, creative innovation, and why COVID-19 has accelerated it

How technology creates interactive learning experiences for children.

How might we use technology to create interactive and engaging learning experiences for children?

Voice technology is changing the game.

aWe’re always interested in the development of conversation design. Specifically how it can offer consumers real value, and gives brands a new insight into what consumers really want.

Voice Experiences - The Missing Link

In this article, we outline why Voice technology is becoming the dominant channel for consumer interaction with organisations.

Future-proof your organisation by up-skilling your employees

Every industry is constantly changing and roles within each sector are evolving too. On-going training has always been around, but with the advances specifically in technology, the essential need for constant up-skilling is a new priority.

Adapting to Coronavirus: Clever Business Pivots

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 businesses of all shapes and sizes have had to get creative, fast to find new and innovative ways to adapt their offering to keep moving through these challenging times.

No code is inspiring innovation at pace

Put simply, ‘no code’ is a catch all term to describe applications or software that allows you or your employees to build products or services, without any real technical knowledge or coding capability. That doesn’t mean a no code solution should be considered inferior.

How COVID-19 is inspiring tech innovation

We’ve been paying close attention to the steps tech companies have been taking to innovate amid the Covid-19 pandemic. From the implementation of new features that make life easier and more manageable for customers, to the launch of gimmicky tech that simply puts a smile on people’s faces.

Five ways to make e-Learning content more engaging

More people are engaging with online education than ever before. But the ways that people learn are constantly changing, and the industry needs to keep up with the modern learner.

The Future of Digital Retail?

Here’s a couple of examples of things we think are setting the bar in the retail industry.
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