November 23, 2022
Rehab Agency

An Unfair Advantage: November 2022

🎯 Nike | dotSwoosh

Given the Crypto world is still reeling from the FTX scandal, Nike made a very bullish move unveiling their new digital collectibles platform, dotSwoosh. Currently, in invite-only beta phase, dotSwoosh will allow members to learn about, collect, co-create and eventually sell virtual goods including shoes and jerseys.

👀 8th Wall | Lightship VPS

Developers can now build WebAR experiences that are truly connected to real-world locations using the 8th Wall platform. The technology gives new meaning to locations by unlocking its digital twin which can be augmented to create an infinite amount of extraordinary experiences.

Rehab’s view: Full Metaverse experiences may still be a while away for most brands, however, advances in WebAR present itself as a route to experiment and onboard audiences into branded spatial web experiences

🤖 Google | AI Avatar Startup

Google has acquired Alter, an AI startup that offered a tech stack to developers that could be used to create real-time 3D avatar system, in a push to boost its content game and better compete with TikTok.

Shutterstock | AI-generated stock imagery

Shutterstock has announced an extended partnership with OpenAI, which will see the AI lab’s text-to-image model DALL-E 2 directly integrated into Shutterstock “in the coming months.” In addition, Shutterstock is launching a “Contributor Fund” that will reimburse creators when the company sells work to train text-to-image AI models.

Rehab’s view: Shutterstock introducing AI-generated stock imagery might be the simplest, low-risk way to test whether generative AI media has a future in your marketing mix. Have you used AI tools for live campaign work, please share.

🤪 FTX downfall explained through The Office

Still confused by what went on with FTX? Here’s a hilarious explainer via an all-time legendary episode of The Office.

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