October 17, 2022
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An Unfair Advantage: October 2022

Over half of marketers will pay more for digital ads with a lower carbon footprint

New research from Cavai estimates that the average online ad impression emits the same amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere as driving an electric car between 0.4 to 9.65m, watching a 40-inch 4K OLED TV between 1.5 to 35 seconds, or having a LED light bulb on between 30 and 700 seconds.

Can browser plug-ins push consumers to shop more sustainably?

A wave of new web browser extensions hopes to provide consumers with sustainable choices at the point of purchase, but a lot needs work before they can take off. To date, they have less than 10,000 users between them, but the potential impact could be huge.

Sustainable Marketing Starts With Building Trust and Loyalty

Brand equity built on trust and loyalty creates a more sustainable marketing program because loyalty pays in the long run. The average repeat buyer typically has a 67% higher average order value than a first-time customer.

Top Tip: Use transparency when marketing a new product or service, this will help to build meaningful relationships with your consumers and bring them on the journey. See how we achieved this with WWE.

OpenAI removes the waitlist for DALL-E 2, allowing anyone to create AI images

DALL·E has over 1.5 million active users who are creating more than 2 million images a day, according to OpenAI. So, if you’ve ever wanted to know more about AI, now you can go and explore for yourself.

Top Tip: Use this Prompt Generator to create more descriptive instructions for Dalle-2, simply type a command, hit submit, and copy/ paste the output into Dall-e.

DreamFusion: The next generation of AI taking 2D into 3D

The most talked about AI-generated assets are text and images, but we’re seeing other groups’ new types of assets including 3D models from 2D images emerge. For example, apps such as Kaedim are appearing in the market, that turn 2D images, sketches and even art pieces into 3D models.

Deliveroo tweaks ‘dark store’ model to let grocery shoppers in the door

The delivery service is looking to bring its fast, easy ordering system and food options into some brick-and-mortar stores with this new ‘dark store’ concept.

What we know so far: As well as functioning as a mini-warehouse where Deliveroo staff pick orders for couriers operating on its platform to collect and deliver locally to app users, the new New Oxford Street “Deliveroo HOP” outlet functions as a pick-up point for shoppers who’ve ordered groceries in Deliveroo’s app.

Take a look at how we helped Nike create their scalable dark-store experience.

And finally, take part in our private Beta of "Toggle"

It's a little nifty piece of tech that does all the heavy lifting for users to cut down their contribution to carbon emissions whilst surfing the web, with just one click.

Interested in beta testing? Sign up here and we'll get you early access.

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