August 1, 2022
From Rehab
Rehab Agency

An Unfair Advantage: August 2022

ūüéá The future of visual storytelling is here now

Mid Journey is a new artificial intelligence bot in Discord that can help you visualize any scene, no matter how complex or abstract. Whether you're trying to explain an idea for a new project or simply want to see what a place looks like, Mid Journey can create a realistic image based on your description.

The technology works by analyzing the text of your description and then generating an image that captures the key elements. As a result, you can get a clear picture of any scene, whether it's something you've imagined or something you've seen before.

We are working with a number of AI platforms, next time we’ll be looking into OpenAI’s Dall-E2.

ūüĒč The real cost of outdoor media is higher than you think

There is a renewed focus on the carbon emissions from the advertising and media industry as a whole, one of the key discussion points is around digital out-of-home billboards.

The Drum investigates the industry, a lot of Media owners are locked in an upgrade race, but with climate crisis anxiety heating up, is the sector’s savior tech compatible with the sustainability needs of society?

Rehab is committed to driving sustainability in our digital footprints - over the coming months we will be rolling out our digital sustainability program, framework, and chrome plugin.

ūü§≥ The app that's changing the way we post pictures

BeReal is a French app that has taken American college campuses by storm. The app's premise is simple: at a different time each day, users receive a notification nudging them to post a photo of whatever they're up to at that particular moment.

So far, BeReal has been a huge success, becoming the most popular app in Apple's US App Store. The app's popularity can be attributed to its simple design and its focus on real-life moments.

BeReal is a refreshing change of pace from other social media apps, which often feature heavily edited and curated photos. With BeReal, what you see is what you get - and that's part of the appeal.

ūüŹÄ One from us: The Ultimate 5 NBA Dream Team Game

We worked with Warner Media & Turner Sports to create Ultimate 5, a mini-game that lived on + The NBA app.

Users can pick their Ultimate 5 NBA Dream Team and get a score from a machine learning algorithm that scores and clusters players based on their statistical likeness.

The project was a great success, with over 1 million users in the first month. We're proud to have helped create a fun and interactive experience for NBA fans.


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