November 23, 2021
From Rehab

An Unfair Advantage: November 2021

Blockchain for Climate Foundation launches BITMO

So NFT's have been getting a lot of heat when it comes to their environmental impact lately. we know that this is a major concern for our clients who are looking to us to help them select the right platform to launch on and there are lots of solutions available or in motion. But how about a NFT platform that exists exclusively to enable issuance and exchange of “Blockchain Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes”... in English, that means the BITMO Platform, built on Ethereum, links opportunities to reduce emissions with capital and demand. Each token, equivalent to one tonne of CO2 equivalent has all pertinent carbon credit data embedded right into the NFT. Very very smart!

Lil Nas X, Tik Tok, NFT, is it a bubble? We think it's just the beginning.

Lil Nas is now jumping on the NFT wave and partnering with TikTok and creating a series of limited-edition NFTs. Lil Nas is not the only creator that TikTok are collaborating with so watch this space. This also shows us how different Tik Tok's strategy is to its competitors.

Who used to own a NeoPet? Now you can own a NFTNeoPet!

NeoPets are back, and this time with a difference! They are joining the world of NFT (for the second time)... well of course they are who isn't! Initial feedback hasn't been too positive, but only time will tell if NeoPets as NFT's will be a hit! What will you call your pet?

Sainsbury going to war with rivals...

Sainsbury's joins the digital loyalty wars using the Nectar scheme to offer lower prices to members. Going beyond the traditional loyalty model of customer spend translating to points that can be redeemed on products, offers are personalized to customers unique spending habits refreshed weekly. They're taking a leave out of the Amazon Prime book of winning. Innovation at its best and all leading to better value for loyal customers!!

The High Expectations of Voice Assistants and the Disappointing Reality

A 10 year anniversary look at the promise of Siri and how 10 years later it still hasn't delivered on its grand vision. This article is a cautionary tale on how innovation takes time, and managing expectations when setting product vision. In our opinion one of the biggest factors to have slowed the impact of voice is the business model currently underpinning Web2.... that being ad funded consumer content. The privacy required for voice experiences just can't be monetised in the same way. Our bet is we will see future leaps in voice tech with Web3. Who knows where it will be in another 10 years time!

Our stuff

Black-owned businesses get help this Black Friday from Google

The pandemic disproportionately affected people of color in the US. With 41% of black-owned businesses shutting their doors in 2020 alone, we teamed up with Google and BBH to create a shop-able music video featuring products from 50+ black-owned businesses.

Tapping into what is arguably one of America's favorite pastimes - shopping - this immersive 3 minute long experience that lets you shop for over 100 items without ever leaving the video or couch.

Check out the link and support Black-owned businesses this Black Friday.

web3 is re-writing everything

If we go back and look at the most important events in the history of the web, you'll recall being hesitant to start a .com business in the late '90s or join social networks in 2007 - but you'd realize that it was the correct decision. Today, you and all of us face another critical moment: whether or not to embrace web3.

This article is a deep dive into the main components of web3 and how they interact with each other, blockchain networks, crypto-wallets, NFTs, and DAOs. You should come away with an understanding of the components, how they work and why it's so fundamental to us all.

The momentum behind web3 reminds me of this article from 2013 - What the smartest people do on the weekends is what everyone else will do during the week in ten years.


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