From Rehab
October 5, 2021

An Unfair Advantage: October 2021

Rehab Agency

‚ÄćGetting it right... Start-up edition

Do you own a start-up, or do you work for a big corp and want to create a new venture and want to get it right? Well, Mckinsey gives us an insight into what makes startups successful. They've spoken to Europe's top 1000 start-ups and discovered there are four strategic plays you can do to get it right. It also has some charts and graphs if you like that sort of thing.

AI and music, name me a better duo, I'll wait! has launched an AI music creation tool for music lasting the exact duration of your content. This is great for sell-in videos, product launches etc. and it's all royalty-free music. Network agencies won't like this (we're independent by the way) amazing hack for all your social content needs.

Ripple set up a creator fund to evolve NFT Utility

Ripple one of our clients has announced they are putting $250 million in a creator fund to help evolve NFT utility. By supporting a diverse array of marketplaces, creators, artists and brands they hope to enable longtail use cases for tokenization. Want to talk to Ripple about this? Then drop us a line.

Need an app, but don't know code, no problem, FlutterFlow have got you!

We love no-code and leverage it to get applications and services live fast. FlutterFlow is the latest in a line of low-code platforms to dramatically improve how mobile applications are built. What used to take months of development time, can now be built within hours and days. This is a game-changer!

How FiiT is your company when it comes to wellness and hybrid working?

Fiit, one of the UK's fastest-growing start-ups, going head to head with the likes of Peloton and Apple Health, is launching a corporate wellbeing packages. We love Fiit but we're a bit biased as they are one of our favourite clients. We were lucky enough to work with the founders from concept stage and continue to work with them today. FiiT's product is amazing and we highly recommend you try it. Better still, have your company pay for it and help get your colleagues fit in the process by sending this link to your HR team. Ian McCaig, FiiT Co-Founder/CMO at Fiit said 'We’re seeing organisations across the globe continue to adapt to the myriad of changes as they become accustomed to the new hybrid work model. With that, there has been a notable increase in companies seeking a digital wellness offering for their employees.'

Our Stuff

Sustainable finance tech for COP26

The upcoming COP26 summit in Glasgow this month is seeing a myriad of concepts and solutions to help make our world greener.... Greta Thunberg even released a couple of songs to inspire us! We have been working on the future of NFT's and digital assets for various brands. There are lots of platforms to launch your from Dappa Labs, to Etherium and most recently Ripple who we mentioned earlier. One of our brightest minds at Rehab, Takunda Chikuku shared his thoughts on this and the wider sustainable technology space for a feature in an article for Verdict. It's well worth a read.

The state of Chatbots

Generally, we all hate the idea of chatbots, but in our experience, this is because so many of them have been implemented badly and most have no ongoing test and improvement plan. With some of our clients, we have seen a 40% reduction in inbound calls to customer support centres and an increase in customer satisfaction. All you brand managers, don't think this isn't relevant to you, because every touchpoint impacts your brand perception, especially when customers need support. James Penfold, our Head of strategy and experience design, explains what businesses need to do to improve the chatbot experiences to positively impact their customers. It's all about collecting the right data and using it to constantly improve the service. Happy customer = happy business!

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