September 8, 2021
From Rehab
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An Unfair Advantage: September 2021

Get in on the new digital wardrobe trend with NFTs

What if you could make $20k in less than a month selling virtual clothes? You'd quit your job, right? Well, that's exactly what Hiroto Kai did when Decentraland (virtual world) announced that users could make and sell their own clothing for avatars to wear on the site. Now brands like Gucci, Burberry and Louis Vuitton all jumping in on the NFT clothing trend. If you care about how your avatar looks, it's time to start planning your new digital wardrobe.

Bitmoji Has a New Dimension

If you were interested in about the story above, you'll probably be happy to know that you can now create a 3D bitmoji on Snapchat and customise body poses, facial expressions, gestures and backgrounds. No digital clothes from Gucci yet, but the wardrobe on offer isn't too bad.

Should creatives care about NFTs?

Another thing you should care about is NFTs. Especially if you're a creative. If you have 11 minutes to spare, you should take a read of this article by It's Nice That on why creatives should care about NFTs, why they’ve received so much attention, and what our responsibilities are as artists to create a better future.

The Metaverse: Your Reality, Built by You

Just in case you wanted to sound like you know enough about the Metaverse to have a stimulating conversation, here's an article that sums up everything you need to know. One for the brain bank. You're welcome.

One from us:

When is it time to let a customer go?

Is there ever a good time to break up with unhappy customers? And if so, when? Rob, Takunda and James have the answers, and they revealed all to Racontuer. (Read the PDF version)

Why Olympic-ready robots should be your biggest concern

Is it interesting that robots can do tasks we once thought only humanely possible? Yes. Is it terrifying that they look ready to take over the world in between parkour? Also, yes. Boston Dynamics thinks it's a good idea to produce Olympic ready robots. The jury is out!

And why robots are Serving up the Future of Delivery

Some robots are less scary, and make our lives a lot easier. Like getting us coffee from Starbucks, or delivering us a fresh Subway sandwich. Now, Starship Technologies is expanding its footprint across the US, releasing dozens of their six-wheeled delivery robots onto American university campuses this year.

Get ready to share your earbuds in a new, better way

Have you ever wanted to share your AirPods with someone? The answer is probably no, but Pair Play might change your mind. It’s an iOS app that guides partners, friends, or children through imagined scenarios within their own homes using shared AirPods. See – sharing can be fun!

Why AR glasses are the next giant leap

Imagine a future of worlds that can be overlaid on top of the real world. Worlds where Pokemon are scurrying around passing pedestrians, where Super Mario slows down to let you cross the road. Niantic are creating AR wearable glasses to make this a reality.

TikTok are beta testing an crowd sourced AR platform

Speaking of AR, TikTok are beta testing their own AR development platform. It's called TikTok Effect Studio and allows developers to create effects on the platform. This will definitely make TikTok more competitive with Snap and Facebook, who have invested a lot in AR lens creation.

Increasing independence for the visually impaired

We're big fans of Google at Rehab, so this collaboration born out of a Google hackathon to create an inclusive tool really stood out to us. Project Guideline makes it possible for those with visual impairments to run unaided and unguided. Your phone’s camera would look for a physical guideline on the ground and send audio signals depending on your position.

Want to Build an App? This New AI Can Do That for You

If you haven't heard of GPT-3 yet, prepare to be mindblown. This article shows some of the apps that are being built using GPT-3, a trained AI model which is amazing at interpreting briefs, generating code and building an app.

A break your company can't afford to miss

Finally, companies such as Hootsuite, LinkedIn, Mozilla and Bumble have shut down for a week this year, in an effort to reduce employee burnout and reset before returning to the office after the nightmare that was 2020. While this won't work for all businesses, other suggestions from LinkedIn's senior director of compensation and benefits include no meeting days, flexible hours, regular check-ins and communication, or even an extended weekend. Remember, your people are your power!

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