Recessions are Innovation Accelerators

And Create New Revenue Streams.
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Innovators during global downturns consistently beat competitors, we support brands with outsourced product innovation teams using our proven innovation process, Alpha to Beta.

We leverage technology to generate long-term growth and value, by tapping into new revenue streams for your business.

Partnering with business leaders to develop efficient innovation programs of work that exist  to quickly understand your business, your customers and the opportunities fueled by technology.

Creating Unfair Advantages.
“From ideation to execution, working with Rehab is flat-out fun. They bring a wide variety of ideas to life and are invaluable in creating our future.”

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Overcome 99% of innovation blockers with one tool, a recession.

During periods of economic downturn, we see significant leaps in innovation projects due to a requirement to move quicker, build, ship, test, and learn.

Netflix: 1997
Following the dot-com bubble, Netflix faced economic hardship after the proposed sale of the company fell through. In the face of crisis they were able to navigate to a position of strength using innovation and creativity, resulting in becoming the streaming giant we know today. 

MailChimp: 2001
Having spotted a gap in the market for integrated email platforms and changing consumer needs during a financial crisis, Mailchimp used the 2008 recession as a point of growth and became a freemium business, they were able to see a rise in revenue whilst also maintaining the same business model ever since. 

Airbnb: 2007
An idea born out of innovation, Airbnb founders quickly learnt that their business idea would actually benefit travelers who wanted a cheaper alternative. Seizing this opportunity, they single handedly revamped the global market of short term accommodation and continue to disrupt the hospitality industry today. 

Samsung (Mobile + Television): 2008
Samsung re-evaluated their focus from profitability and efficiency to double down on a reduced set of products: semiconductors, LCDs, and mobile phones. It increased its R&D and marketing expenses and hired the best brand managers and emerged as market leader.

What will you build?

Why do these companies win?

There are many factors that might explain the success of businesses during a time of economic downturn.

However, we know that time periods like these can drive forward change and innovation at unprecedented speeds, which can all be attributed to:

Rapid decision making.

A crisis presents an opportunity. Always. In our experience businesses that see this emerging opportunity and act on it fast will succeed. This, along with the acceleration of decision-making is crucial. 

Competitive advantages shift dynamically as business models adapt to new market realities and the businesses that are making quick decisions and pivoting to capitalise on this will continue to stay ahead. 

Better feedback loops.

New market realities are driven by changing consumer needs and the businesses who are listening to their consumers can preempt and adapt to these changes.

As markets shift and change direction, the businesses that implement better feedback loops with their consumers will thrive. This is because recessional times change your customers' behaviour. Knowing this is critical and those who don’t will be left behind.   

Requirement to be profitable.

Due to a cut in budget and a tightening of VC investments, there is a fundamental requirement to be profitable. 

This fuels game-changing innovation because to be profitable in a time of unrest, businesses have to consider ideas they may have never thought of before.

Ideas that are shaped by the changing environment which keeps them a step ahead of their competitors. 

Fast, efficient, validation.

The opportunities are rife, it is the risk of business collapse that kills innovation amongst the timid, meaning endless business growth opportunities are missed.

By picking apart your business capabilities with a trusted partner and exploring the opportunities within financial downturns, you can adapt innovation schemes to take matters into your own hands.

Turn your business into a multifaceted success story with the help of fast, efficient, idea validation.

What are Competitive Disrupters?

Your opportunity is to move while your competitors slow down, pause, and procrastinate.

We help you understand your market, research case studies, and listen to your consumers. We partner with brands who want to win, our teams work with FANG to develop new products and services that touch millions of users and bring the knowledge and experience to your brand. 

Planning now for the next expansionary phase of the economy places your brand in a leading position.

We’re Competitive Disrupters

This isn’t theory, our teams live and breathe a hacker mentality this is how we stay ahead of our competition:

‍Trend watching
Monitor and engage with the emerging trends and technologies that might disrupt your – or your competitor’s – business recovery. Our teams research new technologies, taking the best ones to develop into working hackweeks.

Consumer research
Staying connected to your audience as the the market shifts is vital to ensuring you understand how to design and position your products. Our teams carry out ongoing consumer research creating valuable insights for our clients

Move quickly

Procrastination and old ways of working don’t lent themself to leveraging description, we use our creative process, Triage. This helps our teams move quickly and get our client into market sooner.

Smart and Lean

By using best-in-class frameworks to get ideas into market we can cut the development time significantly, allowing us to innovate more ideas with less overhead requirements.

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We help brands generate revenue
from emerging technology.

Our bespoke, systematic approach to becoming a market leader in Emerging Revenue.

Our four bespoke, tried and tested turnkey programs that are designed to help your businesses innovate, without the risk. We co-developed these sprint packages with Google during our 12+ years of working together.

Strategy Sprint

To understand your business, your consumers and identify areas of opportunity. 

You need to quickly explore how a new insight, trend or technology could apply to your business. 

Desk research, strategic POV, areas of opportunity with some executional examples.

5 days 
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Triage Sprint

Creative idea generation, refinement to execution and high-fidelity prototype to quickly identify trends and insights. 

You need to understand and validate your vision in a cost and time efficient manner. 

Deliverable: A large selection of creative ideas, refinement of ideas into executions and 1 execution prototyped to create an interactive high fidelity prototype.

4-6 weeks
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MVP Product

A fully functioning MVP product, service or experience in a live environment with post launch optimization, refinement and insights.

You want to test your product in the market in an efficient way to understand if you have met a new customer need or behaviour.

Fully functional MVP allowing customers to engage with the core components of the product, collection of data and analytics, allowing us to make two rounds of post-launch iterations. 

10 weeks
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Let's build the future.

Rehab has over 18 years experience in building large scale web products with a focus on security, scale, growth, performance, and user experience - in addition to creating NFT projects for Meta, Ripple & Nike.

A global design & innovation studio, we create growth for brands, by leveraging emerging technology using our fast-to-market creative process, Triage
Creating Unfair Advantages.
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