From Rehab
October 27, 2020

Treat Street - An Augmented reality experiment

Rehab Agency

With cancellations and restrictions overshadowing festivities this year, we needed to bring the fun back, and give children a reason to get outside, have some fun and trick-or-treat in their neighbourhoods safely.

Enter our AR Gaming Experience, Treat Street.

As social activity remains restricted, Treat Street offers an idea of how families can get out of the house to enjoy festive events, mediated by technology to enable safe interactions with the community and wider world around the user. 

Powered by Anything World Treat Street allows users to discover and collect 3D AR ‚Äėtreats‚Äô such as pumpkins and cauldrons, whilst trying to avoid ‚Äėtricks‚Äô such as ghouls and zombies. And in keeping with the Halloween tradition, children can then count their Halloween treasures and exchange them for real treats at home.¬†

The idea comes as part of our ‚ÄėHack Week‚Äô programme, where the agency sets aside a week to find creative solutions to pertinent societal issues. Each ‚Äėhack‚Äô focuses on a topic the team feels passionately about and utilises Rehab‚Äôs diverse skills and expertise as creative technologists, using the same creative process that the business employs on its client work.¬†

Rob Bennett, CEO of Rehab Agency, commented: ‚ÄúWith the uncertainty around COVID-restrictions and guidelines, we wanted to spark imaginations about what might still be possible during the spooky season, and how families can still take part in festivities whilst still socially distancing. As creative technologists, we also wanted to show that screens are not the enemy and instead can facilitate the things our children (and the adults‚Ķ) enjoy while building emotional family connections.‚ÄĚ

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