Treat Street

Keeping the magic of Halloween alive with an AR treasure hunt.

There have been more than
 enough tricks this year.

How can we use technology 
to make sure Halloween isn't cancelled?
Take our code (And make it your own)
Spooky season may be shrouded in uncertainty, but tech can help us reinvent the excitement and adventure of trick or treating while keeping families safe.
Begin the hunt

Start your adventure the moment you leave the house, as you discover and collect 3D AR pumpkins, cauldrons and more hidden amongst the bushes or behind cars on your street!

Beware of tricks

No hunt is complete without a chase! Prepare for pesky zombies and ghouls to leap out from the shadows as you explore.

Collect your rewards

The adventure may be over, but the fun has just begun… count your Halloween treasures and exchange them for some real treats once you get home.