Leverage Data to Create Loyal Consumers

Improve customer loyalty

Lifelong, happy customers are the ultimate goal for every consumer business. But how do you move from transactional to monogamous relationship with shoppers?

Rehab created the first chat experience for Estée Lauder

Your Problem

The way consumers are engaging with your brand is changing.

They are changing so quickly that the real challenge is how to keep up. How will you build better relationships with your customers? How can you move from a product focus to a more customer-centric one? At what stages should you personalize your customer journey? What’s the best way to provide the right information to customers to provide a positive experience and customer loyalty.

In our experience consumer brands either don't have any customer data, or don't know how to leverage it if they do. As a result, they heavily rely on retailers and media channels to own their consumer relationships and cannot measure and improve cost per acquisition (CPA) and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) or customer retention rate. In addition, they are constantly threatened with being disrupted by start-ups who use innovation to adapt to consumer demands.

Liv from Estée Lauder is a utility that helps women with their nightly routine, created by Rehab.

Use data to build customer centric experiences 

To efficiently solve your customers’ problems, you must invest in planning and building experiences alongside new digital product. This includes emerging business models like direct to consumer, subscription services, and in-store or curbside pickup.

By providing consumers with more convenience, you put your brand at the forefront of their minds when deciding where to shop and effectively create more loyal customers.

This is more than a customer loyalty program, think about knowing more about the likes, wants, and needs of your base to create emotional bonds with your products and service.

Having a joined up first part data strategy gives you the insight to be able to go the extra mile to make huge impact on your customer satisfaction levels.

We also extended the service to WhatsApp to further enhance the customer experience

First impressions are everything

After the excitement of the initial purchase, most people default back to the first experience they had with your brand. If it was positive, they're much more likely to want to invest in your company and turn into repeat business.

A good onboarding process can set you up for success and avoid customer churn. It should be personalized , hands-on, and focus on removing as much friction as possible. To do this, any type of first-party data available should be used to enhance the experience, so that your product onboarding is relevant, useful and starts to cement the first steps to customer loyalty.

You're in a personal relationship with your customer base

To foster a loyal customer base, its not a one way street. Treat them like friends or family members, be available when they need you, keeping them updated on what's happening in the company and ensuring they feel valued.

If you are constantly asking them to buy something from you, then that's not a valuable relationship.

Customer loyalty and positive customer relationships come from an understanding that it's more than just sending emails, coupons or rewards program reminders. Providing your customers with useful content, early access or money cant buy experiences is a really great way to keep them engaged.

To do this you need to understand more about each individual customer, what makes them happy, what they value - thinking about your customer base as a community is a great first step to creating a loyal group of advocates and ambassadors for your brand.

Using technology to help create a joined up customer service

Think of the standard company touchpoint toolbox, emails , SMS messages, push notifications, social media posts, etc.

These are all ways of communicating with your current target audience, but how well does help your customer retention rate? How many people actually read these messages? And if they don't open them, how often are they missed?

We believe that creating higher touch utility for consumers to interact with, using channels such as chatbots, voice assistants, and multi platforms apps is going to become increasingly important to businesses.

We ensure that your brand provides true utility and a consistent message across all of these different mediums.

Data driven customer loyalty experiences

Estée Lauder
Warner Media
Client Confidential
We help you bring this to life and create happy customers – from gathering and measuring customer data to planning digital strategy and building and running the customer experience.

Our end-to-end capabilities will help you plan your customer lifetime strategy so you can efficiently meet consumer demands.

Explore how brands have successfully transformed with the help of data and emerging business models to stay relevant and drive value for their business:

Lets discuss your strategy.

We run inspiration sessions, showcasing ways of working, case studies and helping you identify initial opportunities to impact your business.

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