Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry

Digital Trans­for­ma­tion for Better Healthcare

Moving from traditional approaches to emerging business models can help pharmaceutical companies foster strong customer relationships and adapt to the new normal.

But how do you go about it?

Patients and HCP's are normal consumers too and their expectation of digital experience is set by major consumer brands like Nike, Google and Spotify.

Rehab designs consumer experiences and new business models for these brands and we have now started to apply this digital transformation to the Pharma and healthcare sector, including rethinking electronic health records.

"Sulli" Healthcare Assistant for Roche created by Rehab.

Challenges facing
the Pharma

The health industry hasn't kept pace with human expectations of the digital experience. Covid accelerated the rate of digital experience by 10% in the first 8 weeks alone. The amount of information available is overwhelming to HCP and patients alike and this creates a gap between companies and patients. 

Google has the insight to know what we did yesterday, last week, last year and even what we're likely to do tomorrow. 

However, pharma and healthcare brands struggle to understand and adopt their consumer and customer needs beyond traditional field research which is constantly out of date. 

Google My Business profile builder created by Rehab

Pharma and healthcare brands need to build a better relationship with patients.

  • Move from healthcare that is product focused to customer focused by leveraging AI & emerging technology
  • Make patients feel understood along their health journey, especially with on-demand healthcare
  • Provide a better multi-channel health experience for customers across all touchpoints
  • Take a digital first approach to your CX to increase adoption of digital solutions.
  • Deliver genuine healthcare value over the long term with digital technologies and services.
  • Ensure website content is personalised and easier to navigate, including providing medical record access
  • Gain consumer trust in the adoption of a digital health solution, including health records.
  • Design an omnichannel marketing experience for customers, HCP's and patients.

You may already have some customer data, you may have lots of research and user profiles and archetypes, or you may just have the desire to have a better omnichannel approach to growing your healthcare market share.

Kickstart transformation in healthcare today.

  1. Not a standing start - make sense of the information and data you already have. 
  2. Understand your customer - identify the gaps, needs and missed opportunities around them. 
  3. Learn from the competition - benchmark your services against healthcare comparators. 
  4. Skills - identify internal knowledge, skill and experience gaps and find partners to supplement your team and help you achieve your vision. 
  5. Business model and vision - create an achievable digital transformation north star vision and define your business model using the now, next and beyond model. 
  6. Future proof your digital technologies - Identify the best in class tech that will both support the vision and work with your existing ecosystem including electronic health records. 
  7. Skills - identify internal knowledge, skill and experience gaps and find partners to supplement your team and help you achieve your vision. 

Building on our experience of designing consumer experiences for brands like Roche, Google, Nike, GSK among others, we focus on four areas.

  • Digital strategy, service & business models to drive transformation of healthcare 
  • Building best in class digital health tools
  • Customer retention strategies to maximise outcomes on the patients health journey
  • elearning & education helping patients increase the use of digital health technology

Our design sprint methodology is an evolution of the Google Ventures approach to product validation.

We call it Triage.

Working in two-week sprints, our teams plug into your business to accelerate innovation, improve agility, and build digital experience from conception to alpha, beta and full rollout - creating healthcare focused patient experiences.

For efficiency, we utilise best-in-class technology matched to your specific needs as the starting point. We then scale up or down depending on your requirements, customer feedback, and the overall commercial viability of the solution.

Our team also deliver and ship fully functioning product, we are security audited and ISO 27001 certified.

Want help getting started?

We run inspiration sessions, showcasing ways of working, case studies and helping you identify initial opportunities to impact your business.
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Who We Are

We are experts in customer experience, digital experience, and creative technology and work with brands to invent the new normal in a rapidly changing world.

We are an agency that uses a fast, collaborative approach to find creative ideas and then prototype and test the best ones to prove they work. We call this Triage and our workflow Triage sprints. From rapid ideation to prototyping and validation, each sprint is designed with specific goals which are uniquely configurable for each project. This means we can reach the right solutions rapidly.

We have worked with a range of pharmaceutical companies and understand the regulatory environment, compliance, and different channels in the industry and use the experience and knowledge we have built up to help your brand overcome its challenges and grow.

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