Starting the new year in the right gear.

We created ‘Co-Driver’, a Messenger bot motivating millions of drivers around the world to make a vow to themselves, and stick to it.

Starting the new year in the right gear.

To kick off 2017, Chevrolet launched New Year, New Roads, a digital campaign to encourage and inspire their valued customers to participate in a resolutions challenge. It was the perfect moment to portray the brand’s ethos of endurance and strength by empowering other people to find their own as the new year began.


Discovering the drive to stay focused.

To help motivate the world to stay committed to their goals, we created ‘Co-Driver’. The Facebook Messenger chatbot offers encouragement in the form of daily practical advice from experts and personal messages of celebration across five categories: fitness, nutrition, relationships, travel and stress management.


Content for finding the will, and taking the wheel.

Whether it be learning to play the piano, giving up chocolate or climbing Mount Everest, the bot helps keep users dedicated to their goal by sending them daily notifications and practical, fun and easy-to-follow advice. Instead of watching the campaign from the back seat, fans became actively involved, gaining value and inspiration from the brand.


fans engaged with the bot

5 million

interactions in total


fulfilled their resolutions