Helping Google and Disney spread the love on Valentine’s Day.

We helped celebrate Valentine’s day and the exclusive launch of Disney’s new short film, Blank, by transforming footage frames into beautiful cards.

<span class="text-block-3" >OPPORTUNITY</span>

From drawing blanks to Blank drawings.

Valentine’s Day for most people usually involves nothing more than just sending your other half a card. We thought there was a more effective way to show someone how you feel about them.

<span class="text-block-3" >SOLUTION</span>

Getting personal with custom designs.

Dedicate a Frame was born and developed in two one-week sprints. Capitalising on Blank’s stop-motion animation style, we selected 12 beautiful stills from the film and gave users the chance to dedicate one to someone special on Valentine’s Day. Each dedication sent would generate a custom video using original footage from the film.

<span class="text-block-3" >FEATURES</span>

Adding love to inboxes everywhere.

We created a personalised video message for each recipient, featuring the characters from Blank. The dedicated frames were delivered via Gmail, and the first few visitors to take part were also able to send their frame as a limited edition print. Users were then able to download the full-length movie from Google Play.

<span class="text-block-3" >SUCCESS</span>

Taking Blank to the top.

The project was featured on the homepage, and Blank became the most downloaded movie on Google Play.


printed cards created in the first 24 hours


digital cards sent during the campaign


unique visitors

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They make the design.

Nike asked us to increase their retail footprint in a new and interesting way. To do so, we designed an experience that allowed independent skateboard shops in LA to create their own digital storefront and populate it with a bespoke Nike inventory.

Customers could then purchase the items in-store and get them delivered within the hour. The result? A double digit sales increase, enhanced brand engagement, and a brand new, scalable hyperlocal retail solution.

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A retailer of the future

Our work opened up entirely new experiences and locations for Nike and the participating retailers. We helped a global business to innovate within the confines of a traditional retail model and think differently about how they can support their customers, as well as the end consumer.

We are now planning to scale this entire experience to other cities and other shops, while also looking at ways to enable geo-located drops for events.

All to help Nike to continually serve and support the grassroots skating scene.

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