Moët & HENNESY + Rehab

Inspiring Champagne celebrations with Moët Hennessy.

We stepped outside of traditional marketing channels to create an Amazon Alexa Skill, tackling outdated ideas and enticing millennials into the exciting world of Champagne.

Champagne is not just for Christmas.

Perceived to be a luxury item with a premium price tag, Champagne is often only savoured on the most special occasions. Traditional media campaigns have tried and failed to shift this ideology.

We needed to help the brand reach younger audiences and raise awareness of Champagne’s versatility and attainability for everyday life.


Pouring value into voice-led conversation.

Over 30 million millennials use voice-based products monthly. We created Bottles & Bubbles to reach this audience on platforms they already use. The voice skill engages users with Champagne-centric content, encouraging deep interactions that provide the most value.


Altering attitudes with AI.

The skill adds a splash of sparkle to everyday life, with daily reasons to celebrate, interesting facts, recommended food pairings and tips for hosting the perfect party.

Sharing simple ideas for Champagne-inspired experiences conveys that Moët Hennessy is an accessible brand with a product that transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.


Exceeding industry expectations.

Since Bottles & Bubbles launched on Alexa, 26.4 thousand users have entered the experience. Engagement length has increased by 197.8% among returning users, who now spend an average of 2 minutes and 14 seconds interacting with the skill.

The experience successfully understood and handled 99.9% of user requests – a significant over-index on industry standard, wherein voice experiences are quality assured to 90%.