Easing exercise newbies into the fierce world of Freeletics.

Freeletics Challenge – a unique voice and screen experience preparing workout novices for the heavy, hardcore and downright dedicated Freeletics community.

Adding appeal for amateurs.

Germany is a market where Android ownership outstrips Apple, but awareness of the capabilities of Google Assistant is low. Globally-speaking, fitness queries rank highly but go largely unanswered. While Freeletics sought a way to help newcomers navigate the workouts on their app, Google wanted to create longer-term engagement with voice in Germany. And at a time when New Year’s resolutions wither, we launched Freeletics Challenge at the end of January as a low-entry barrier way to re-inspire people to find their feet in the fitness world.


Gearing up for a future with Freeletics.

In voice-led sessions on Google Assistant or Home, Goddess trainer Selene nurtures newbies into worthy warriors. Users are walked through new exercises over the course of a 14-day plan, growing their confidence as well as their muscles.

Engagement is key to motivating users in workouts, but even champions need breaks. We’ve thrown regular rest days into the mix, giving people a chance to put their feet up and enjoy inspirational content about anything from nutrition to naps.


Value at every leg of the journey.

Using Google Assistant’s daily update functionality, we help users tackle the next part of their plan at a time that suits them. During workouts, they move through the steps at their own pace with the help of audio instructions and onscreen Freeletics-branded GIFs.


Going for gold, and getting it.

Freeletics Challenge quickly became the number one health and fitness Action in the world, outperforming some of the biggest names in the industry and establishing a place for Google Assistant in people’s daily workout routines.


individual engagements during campaign period

20 minute +

interactions daily