google + Rehab

Letting imaginations run wild with Safari Mixer.

We created Safari Mixer, a way for people to get creative and move fluidly between Google Home, Google Assistant and desktop.

Put the fun in functionality.

Google asked us to showcase what’s possible when open-ended, natural conversation meets music, gaming and storytelling. We wanted to utilise the functions of their products to create an experience that could flow across multiple devices effortlessly, and give people the chance to dictate the end result of their interaction.


Taking tech on safari.

Our team put their heads together and, inspired by childhood memories of colourful picture books and the vibrant diversity of wildlife, Safari Mixer was born.

The interactive Google Action allows people to conjure up creatures from their imagination into onscreen illustrations, complete with their own name, sound and fun fact. All they have to do is choose the head, body and legs of any animal they want.


A journey through the jungle.

Using AI, Safari Mixer gives people a complete audio and visual experience of their own unique creation. Each encounter is treated as a separate part of the same journey, provoking a sense of seamlessness throughout all interactions. No matter what device our user favours, the story flows smoothly between voice and screen, allowing creators to stay immersed in their own unique safari.


A roaring success.

Safari Mixer was launched at SXSW, where it showcased all of our hard work in a demo at Google’s voice-activated Fun House. We also brought the gift of sound and voice to global audiences at Cannes, where the Action had its own Google beach hut to create a fully immersive experience that brought the safari to life.


animated unique animals created.


interactions within the first week