Increasing conversion for HelloFresh

Rehab helped HelloFresh turn prospective customers into committed converts with a tailored tool for event-based sales staff.
Creating HelloFresh converts with a seamless sell-in process
Face-to-face marketing is one of HelloFresh’s most successful methods of acquisition. From events such as country fairs and the Ideal Homes exhibition, to the more traditional method of door-to-door sales, conversations are key for the company. 

But following an engaging pre-sales chat, often users are directed straight to the website to sign up, meaning the magic of the pitch is lost. 

We needed to create a conversion tool which felt conversational, engaging and made the transition from initial chat to sign-up flow effortlessly while working on and offline.

An event sales tool to sell a tailored experience
Our tool serves as a qualifier for both new and former customers and helps HelloFresh sell more effectively. 

HelloFresh sales staff can set up the tool for any event, wherever, whenever or whatever it might be. All they have to do is enter the location, their name, unique code and discount code to ensure their sale is recognised. 

The app experience introduces potential customers to the concept of HelloFresh, with a page dedicated to bite-size FAQs, the business model, and a vibrant glimpse at a recipe page tailored to the consumer’s preferences.

During the interaction, the tool cleverly collects valuable data that informs the brand about their audience, from living situations to diet preferences. 

And crucially, from start to finish the experience feels more like a friendly chat rather than a form-filling exercise.