Introducing kids to National Geographic with a talking T-Rex.

Children learn better when they’re having fun and active interactions. We created the National Geographic’s first chatbot to provide an experience that feels more like a game than a history lesson.


Tearing up the textbooks.

National Geographic is an icon of science and education, but how do you leverage National Geographic Kids to capture the curiosity of children?

We think going digital is the most effective way to inspire and educate knowledge-hungry youngsters – so we resurrected history’s most iconic creature in the form of a fully-functioning chatbot.


Let the tech do the talking.

Over 70% of children have access to a touch screen at home. Our custom-built dinosaur discussion allows them to create meaningful connections with the brand through devices they already use.

Using AI and key facts about her prehistoric past, we gave Tina all the tools she needs to have interesting, exciting and authentic conversations with everyone she encounters.



A dinosaur’s day-to-day.

By collecting actual questions from children and extensive natural language training, we created an experience that engages, entertains and educates.

Tina tells all about her appearance, habitat, diet and tonnes more. And for delivery of a polished product, we added a few quirky extras, like picking her favourite movie – Jurassic Park, of course.


Conversations across continents.

Tina has chatted with parents and kids in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, establishing National Geographic all over the globe.


increase in Facebook Page likes


rise in Facebook Page visits


uplift in magazine subscriptions

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They make the design.

Nike asked us to increase their retail footprint in a new and interesting way. To do so, we designed an experience that allowed independent skateboard shops in LA to create their own digital storefront and populate it with a bespoke Nike inventory.

Customers could then purchase the items in-store and get them delivered within the hour. The result? A double digit sales increase, enhanced brand engagement, and a brand new, scalable hyperlocal retail solution.

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A retailer of the future

Our work opened up entirely new experiences and locations for Nike and the participating retailers. We helped a global business to innovate within the confines of a traditional retail model and think differently about how they can support their customers, as well as the end consumer.

We are now planning to scale this entire experience to other cities and other shops, while also looking at ways to enable geo-located drops for events.

All to help Nike to continually serve and support the grassroots skating scene.

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