An Unfair Advantage:

Artificial Intelligence supercharging your Marketing.

The democratization of advanced AI systems empowers marketers to produce better briefings and create more effective campaigns, in less time, and at a lower cost.

AI. Beyond the hype.

Our creative and technology teams leverage and adapt to this fast-moving technology for our clients by focusing our efforts around the start of the creative process, helping brands accelerate the insights, briefing, and idea generation process.

Rehab has AI-powered first-party data systems that can automate your sales and marketing funnels, helping your teams to accelerate the marketing process. 

We’re creating responsible and ethical AI applications for brands.

We have the knowledge and confidence of a large consultancy, with the speed, agility, and experimentation of a start-up. Since 2018 we have been working on artificial intelligence systems and platforms. We are working closely with Google, Nike, and Meta teams on developing services, and artificial intelligence technology, specifically for their marketing and branding teams.

Our team is made up of tech engineers, strategists, and entrepreneurs. We are an agency built to generate growth from emerging technology, and that's precisely what we've done with advanced artificial intelligence systems, applying it to the creative, marketing, and innovation process. We empower our in-house team by giving them dedicated time, control, and autonomy over their ideas. Expanding their learning into the tech, and how to apply it to marketing agency workflows.

We've put this into action over the years through our Digital Agency's "Deepdive" series. This allows our experts to experiment to find creative solutions to real-life problems using this emerging technology system, including artificial intelligence, and learn how to apply it to real-world systems.

Full project details are not available due to confidentiality.

Using AI data systems to feel into real-time advertisements based on current traffic conditions in South America.
Groundbreaking systems in the area of AI-powered tonality, creating brand experiences that feel brand-aware and brand safe.
A brand marketing experience that uses AI to query game data from the past 75 years of NBA basketball games.
We developed a new search music system for kids to explore music tastes and styles, which drove affinity to the Spotify product.

Some problems we are solving for brands: 

What is AI, the landscape, and the specific opportunities?

Our digital agency has domain knowledge in AI, machine learning, and emerging tech systems including generative AI for image and text.

We empower our employees to learn more about AI tech and applications on a daily basis, providing actionable working knowledge for our clients, and building systems that provide real value and measurable ROI.

How can I leverage current AI systems to gain a competitive edge?

Create an unfair advantage by using AI to uncover insights, allow your teams to work faster, provide a better service, and find customers more effectively.

Our teams look at how deep learning systems available through major technology platforms can be used today, next month, and next year on your business—providing rapid and significant ROI.

How can I leverage AI in my creative and marketing workflows?

Marketing is a human-capital-intensive activity and increasingly relies on a better understanding of tech, systems, and data to be successful.We implement current AI systems across the lifecycle, from research, strategy, creative, production, and measurement.

Check out our Triage Platform; plug-and-play creative platform teams use to speed up their internal marketing workflows.

How to Automate Processes to increase efficiency?

Leverage advanced AI systems to automate mundane tasks, freeing resources for more important projects and giving your team more of their daily life back.

Our experts have developed customer service systems that have saved improved employee satisfaction, saved significant resources, and drastically improved customer experience.

How to build Diversity in AI systems?

Our Digital Agency is grounded in diversity. We believe in using AI systems responsibly to ensure that our solutions are unbiased and benefit the communities they serve.

We strive to introduce diversity through fine-tuning and rigorous testing protocols in the systems. 

We're actively engaged with some of the world's largest brands on advanced AI projects, systems, and strategies.

How do I get started?

We understand that there is a lot of confusing information, and our teams help clients build structures and processes to implement AI systems successfully.

Our agency is actively building tools for clients and developing our own advanced AI-powered products, including the Triage Platform,  contact us to find out more about how we work with your internal teams to bring an unfair advantage. 

Building ethics to your process.

Using generative AI systems commercially comes with risks. We use an ethics framework to mitigate them, we have developed our own AI ethics guidelines as defined in our Triage platform.

Use your own data
Assume bias in publicly trained AI models, and develop your own models and data.

Embrace moderation and filter your own data accordingly with advice from experts who have built autonomous systems.
Use it early in your creative process
Use AI to support the start of the creative process for now.

Lower your exposure to legal risks by allowing AI to do jobs humans can't do.
Leverage human assistance
Use your people to check for bias and adjust output as needed, AI is in place to support humans, not replace them.
AI  Experiment:

Bob the Donkey: The world's first AI-crafted holiday advert

For digital agencies, creating high-quality, engaging content is essential to driving results, but at what cost? What if there was a way to automate the process and create assets at scale?

Advanced AI tools can generate creative assets faster and more efficiently than ever before. But they need to be consistent, on-brand, and campaign-ready.

In our experiment, we tasked ourselves with creating an AI-crafted holiday advert. Our team up-skilled from copywriters and designers to prompt engineers.

They leveraged generative AI- systems to create consistent images, stories, scripts, visuals, audio, and more and produced the world's first AI Crafted holiday advert.

This Experiment proved that AI could be used to create production-ready images quickly and at scale; we believe that agencies should be investigating the best-in-class executions.

AI Experiment:

B#tch Bot

The AI-powered bestie that makes venting about life problems at work, productive.

Inspired by the thousands of trending TikToks of people worldwide complaining about their jobs, we identified a unique appetite for an anonymous site where people can vent their frustration, feel listened to, and get a response. That's why we created B#tch Bot, a Gen Z-approved work companion from a marketing agency! Allowing people to gossip, vent, and journal all about work in the heat of the moment without it ever affecting their work.

Using the ChapGPT API, and our tonality systems, this autonomous system proved how deep learning can be used daily to give assistance to those worried about their jobs the fun, lighthearted side of advanced AI in a tangible way.

During a 30-minute call, we will show you how our digital agency can develop AI-powered applications and accelerate your creative, marketing, and innovation workflows—giving your team an Unfair Advantage

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