AI Generated content

Revolutionize content creation with AI-powered generative solutions

Introducing our state-of-the-art generative AI solution, designed to push the boundaries of creativity in advertising and marketing.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, our solution equips brands with the tools to produce high-quality, brand-safe assets at scale, transforming their creative process and output.


Generative AI for advertising

Legal and quality control

Navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding AI-generated content, while ensuring the produced assets meet high-quality standards, is a significant challenge.

Brand safety

Maintaining brand integrity within AI-generated content can be a daunting task, with the risk of misalignment to brand guidelines and tone of voice.


Traditional content creation methods can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, which hampers the speed of marketing campaigns.

AI  ideation can supercharge your teams

Key features of our generative AI Solution

Data-driven content creation

Harness the power of AI to create a wide array of high-quality imagery, audio, and text, informed by your brand data and audience insights.

Brand-aware text generation

Our solution is fine-tuned to your brand's unique voice and guidelines, ensuring the generated text for voice applications and chatbots resonates with your brand identity.

Versatile use cases

Whether it's avatar content for the metaverse, voice stylings for chatbots, branded versions of user-generated content, or virtual sets for ad creative, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Putting it into practice

Decode audience perceptions

Revitalizing Sponsorship Pitches

Media and brand sponsorship teams often pitch numerous ideas that don't always make the cut.

This platform allows these teams to access a repository of previous sponsorship proposals, helping to rejuvenate overlooked concepts that could potentially be a good fit for current or future partners.

Identifying Trend-Driven Sponsorship Opportunities

The tool can present relevant trends, technologies, and competitor launches makes it a potent tool for media and brand sponsorship teams.

By staying attuned to the latest market movements, teams can craft timely, innovative sponsorship opportunities that align with current consumer preferences and market trends.

Accelerated Response to Sponsorship Briefs

In the dynamic field of media and brand sponsorship, quick turnaround times are crucial.

Triage shines in these high-pressure situations by providing a rapid, AI-driven brainstorming plan, idea starters, and pitch starters in response to a brief.

This acceleration allows teams to promptly craft compelling and creative sponsorship strategies, maintaining their competitive edge.

Unlock AI-generated content
Ready to leap into the future of content creation?

Book a call with us today and explore how our Generative AI Solution can elevate your brand's creative output, ensuring brand safety and quality while driving efficiencies.

Our AI  Tech Stack

Tools built on a future-proof AI infrastructure

Rehab’s Daisy-Chain

Our daisy-chain infrastructure represents a pipeline of interlinked AI models, or LLMs.

This setup boosts the output quality by dynamically assigning tasks to the most suitable LLM and allows for the smooth integration of new models or swapping existing ones.

Infinitely Intelligent.

Fine-tuning/ Prompt Engineering System

We separate the design and engineering phases for AI solutions development. The design phase uses a fine-tuning and prompt engineering platform for rapid AI model prototyping and iterating.

The engineering teams take over post-design to scale the solution, ensuring robustness and high performance.

Private AI platform LLM Technical Architecture

We build systems using Private models, allowing corporations to leverage their private data securely.

This secure infrastructure allows us to create a private LLM model which can be trained on secure data without this data being shared with or used to train the public models.
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