Content Measurement

Instantly Validate Ideas Against any Audience.

Pitch bigger and bolder ideas by having your concepts quickly validated by trained AI  models on your consumer data.

The problem

It's Becoming More Difficult
to Understand Audiences

Consumers can no longer be defined as a user profile

Slotting consumers into rigid user profiles no longer suffices. It fails to capture the dynamic nuances and unique inclinations of today's consumers.

It's costly and time consuming to validate

Traditional methods of validation often involve significant time and resources, making it a cumbersome and expensive process.

Consumer behaviors are shifting constantly

It's hard to keep up with the speed of culture, consumer behaviors are in a constant state of flux which makes it challenging for creatives to keep up and remain relevant.

AI  Solution

Instant Consumer Feedback by Training AI Models with your Consumer Data.

Rapid idea validation

Using human data, the tool provides creatives with confidence in their concepts.

It allows them to assess the potential impact of their ideas on a simulated audience, giving them more confidence to sell-in the idea to more effective and engaging campaigns.

Resonance scoring

Get quantitative feedback on how well an idea resonates with target audiences.

With resonance scores, creatives can refine their ideas to better align with their audience's preferences and behaviors.

Efficient & time-saving

AI Idea Validator accelerates the process of idea validation, saving both time and resources. Unlike traditional validation methods, it can rapidly process and analyze ideas, providing immediate feedback to the creative teams.


Creative Effectiveness with AI Delivering Confidence, Connection, and Future-Forward Insights.

Bolstering creative confidence

Utilize AI Idea Validator during the ideation process to lend assurance to your creative initiatives. Empower your team to pitch and execute larger, more daring ideas with the confidence of their potential resonance with the target audience.

Bridging audience gaps

Allows teams to measure the potential impact of their ideas on a simulated audience, fostering bold ideation while ensuring alignment with audience preferences and behaviors.

Predicting future trends

Leverage the power of AI to architect audiences of tomorrow.

By analyzing current behaviors, our tool can help anticipate future trends, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving expectations of your audience.

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Want to pitch bigger, bolder ideas with confidence?

Explore how AI-Powered validation solutions can transform your creative process, ensuring your ideas resonate with your target audience.

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Solutions Built on a Future-Proof AI Infrastructure


Our daisy-chain infrastructure represents a pipeline of interlinked AI models, or LLMs.

This setup boosts the output quality by dynamically assigning tasks to the most suitable LLM and allows for the smooth integration of new models or swapping existing ones.

Infinitely Intelligent.

Fine-tuning/ Prompt Engineering System

We separate the design and engineering phases for AI solutions development. The design phase uses a fine-tuning and prompt engineering platform for rapid AI model prototyping and iterating.

The engineering teams take over post-design to scale the solution, ensuring robustness and high performance.

Private AI LLM

We build systems using Private models, allowing corporations to leverage their private data securely.

This secure infrastructure allows us to create a private LLM model which can be trained on secure data without this data being shared with or used to train the public models.
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