An Unfair Advantage

Supercharge Your Team, by Leveraging AI.

A modern consultancy that specializes in leveraging AI to create custom solutions, helping organizations of all sizes scale and enhance their creative capacities.

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Use Cases

Whether it's streamlining workflows, generating innovative content, or uncovering hidden insights, our AI-driven solutions are designed to propel your organization.

Insight Generation

Unlock the secrets within your data. We dive deep into large datasets to discern patterns, discovering actionable insights and truths that drive strategic decisions.

Our approach is not just about numbers, it's about understanding the story they tell and how it can positively impact your business.

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Creative Solutions

Elevate your team's creative firepower. Our expertise in sales solutions empowers every team member to contribute to winning proposals and pitches.

Enhancing your RFP responses, leveraging successful ideas to create more pitches at scale that capture your unique value proposition.

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Content Measurement

Maximizing the impact of your creative ideas. We provide your teams with the tools and insights to understand which creative concepts truly resonate with diverse audiences.

With our content measurement solutions, we help brands maximize the return of their media spend and successes.

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Campaign Production

Crafting content that speaks your brand's language. Our content production solutions are focused on developing and customizing on-brand content at scale.

We ensure that your brand's voice is consistently powerful and engaging.

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Enhance your Intelligence, Speed and Creativity by Creating AI Solutions that Augment Human Capabilities.


You Own Your Data, and Your Private Models

Our bespoke models, built with your data, ensure you own the IP and maintain complete data privacy.

We create private LLMs tailored for your team, combining advanced AI with unmatched security.


Future Proof AI with Our DaisyChain™️ Platform

DaisyChain, our LLM middleware, links AI models for optimal performance.

It dynamically allocates tasks and adapts to new models, providing a constantly evolving, intelligent AI environment.


Adhere to Ethical and Safety Standards in AI

Our AI solutions, trusted by Fortune 100 companies, prioritize ethical and secure design.

Adhering to ISO 27001  standards, we ensure responsible use of first-party data, delivering safe, reliable AI.


We support businesses of all scales and AI expertise in rapidly and efficiently enhancing their teams' ROI.


Hands-on Workshops

Aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of your team or C-suite on AI's transformative potential, insights and understanding.

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From half day


AI Advisory Services

We identify and bridge AI opportunities in your organization, creating business cases and prototypes to align executive teams.

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Typically 3-6 weeks


Bespoke AI Solutions

An expert team dedicated to AI development, specializing in creating bespoke solutions uniquely designed to meet your specific requirements.

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From 1 month

Get started

Delivering Custom AI Solutions, In Just 4 Weeks.

Experience the future of AI firsthand with our interactive prototypes, these tools demonstrate the precision, quality, and efficiency of AI, boosting your confidence in it's possibilities.


We are Solving Traditional Challenges across Key Industries by Leveraging Custom AI Solutions to Drive ROI.

consumer insights

Insights at the Speed of Culture.

Have a deeper understanding of ever-evolving consumer behaviors, quickly find patterns, translating them into actionable insights.

media ad sales

Winning RFPs with Creativity.

Crafting winning creative solutions is difficult. We streamline this process, enabling your team to unlock revenue by developing persuasive and innovative responses that stand out.

event production

Turning Attendees into Advocates

Transforming event attendees into brand advocates. We specialize in capturing crucial data from event participants, enabling the delivery of personalized content that resonates.

sponsorship management

Partnership Builders

Finding the intersection between your brand and potential sponsors can be daunting. We simplify this process, assisting teams in crafting compelling sponsorship opportunities at scale.

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Client Testimonials

Rehab intricately navigates both brand dynamics and legal complexities in AI-driven marketing, making them a rare and invaluable partner in our industry.
Michael Tai
Senior Director, Product Management, NBA Digital
I use Rehab to investigate the future and efficiently develop and refine AI experiences, especially when technology can help solve a creative problem.
Matthew Davis
Director, Google Ads
Lots of agencies say they know about technology. Rehab applies it to our challenges in a way that actually impacts our business.
Sean Ivester
Marketing Dapper Labs
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