AI  Consultancy + Build

Human creativity,
Supercharged by AI.

Our Approach

We align your leadership and identify use cases for AI to give your teams more intelligence, visibility and creativity.

We design and build trained AI tools in as little as 4 weeks.

Bespoke AI tools built to support your staff

Designed and built to help your internal team deliver creative deliverables faster.

Then sit back and watch as amazing things happen.

De-risked AI innovation using our technology

We leverage our ready-built AI technology stack to deploy tools in weeks.

Adopt a fast to market strategy, now.

Demonstrate the AI return of investment

We provide you with the data to prove out that AI  really delivers.

A business case for intelligence and creativity

Infinite Potential

AI + humans are a creative Superpower.


Workshop + Prototype

A one day workshop to arm leaders with the essential knowledge, and a working prototype.

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1 day workshop

Test + learn

AI Creative Tools

Boost your clients and your  process with our AI tools, tailored to drive innovation and efficiency.

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3-6 weeks

Scale + execute

Custom AI development

Scalable tools for your organization's unique needs, giving your team more intelligence and efficiency.

Let's connect

Custom ~1-2 months

We Educate and Demonstrate

Discovery Workshop:
Uncover your personalized AI tool

We will evaluate your teams workflow, explore the real value of AI and leave with a four-week activation plan for your brand.

AI  Use Cases

AI supporting creativity.

for STrategy teams

Access trends and insights at the speed of culture: Real-time insight generation

Empowers strategy teams to quickly uncover valuable insights, facilitating informed decision-making and impactful strategies.

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for creative teams

Validate ideas with audiences to measure affinity instantly: Idea Validation

Our AI-powered Idea Validator tool empowers creatives, enabling them to pitch bigger and bolder ideas confidently; click here to learn more

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for media/ partnership teams

Shortcut the time to creative ideation and pitch generation: Ideation Assistant

Procrastination strikes at the start of the creative process, our tools can provide the insights and inspiration to start ideating quicker.

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for production teams

Empowering teams to create content, faster: AI Generative Content

Take advantage of contextual AI-generated asset production, including images, video and audio delivered in line with your brand.

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We Deploy AI For Fortune 100 Companies

These projects are actively transforming teams and brands

Branded Conversational AI for SMBs

Groundbreaking work in the area of AI powered tonality, creating brand experiences that feel brand aware and are brand safe.

Slashing Meta employee time spent on brand control.


Conversational E-commerce Platform

A chat based running shoe finder experience that drove 27% higher conversion than the average Nike product page.

Solving key challenges around choice fatigue.


AI Music and Emoji Search Engine for Kids

Development of a new search music engine for kids to explore music tastes and styles which drives affinity to the Spotify product.

Dealing with complexity for the audience and streaming numbers.


Fantasy Sports Game Powered by AI

A brand marketing experience that uses AI to query game data from the past 75 years of NBA basketball games. 500,000 unique teams built in 3 days.

Making huge data undertakings simple and fast.

Lets Start Your AI Journey...

Curious to find out more?
Some words from our clients
Rehab intricately navigates both brand dynamics and legal complexities in AI-driven marketing, making them a rare and invaluable partner in our industry.
Michael Tai
Senior Director, Product Management, NBA Digital
I use Triage to investigate the future and efficiently develop and refine experiences, especially when technology can help solve a creative problem.
Matthew Davis
Director, Google Ads
Lots of agencies say they know about technology. Rehab applies it to our challenges in a way that actually impacts our business.
Sean Ivester
Marketing Dapper Labs
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