Discovery Workshop

Go from workshop to AI tool in 4 weeks.

Discover the practical realities of AI, and cut through the noise with our hands-on, AI workshop. Marketers, in-house creative teams, researchers and strategists need to act now to bring AI into their operations.

We will evaluate your teams workflow, explore the real value of AI and leave with a four-week activation plan for your brand.

Getting relevant AI  into your hands

Identify your AI opportunities, and build personalized AI

AI's Actual Value

We present a clear view of what AI is and isn't, with sector-specific insights and a clear route to AI deployment.

Navigating AI Ethics,
Security, and Privacy

Get an in-depth understanding of safe, secure and ethically sound AI deployment with our ethics framework.

Strategizing AI

Formulating a clear, feasible strategy to effectively bring AI into the business can be challenging without expert guidance.

AI  Tool Use Cases

Our tools Supercharge teams at the start of the creative process.

Validate ideas against your target audiences instantly.

Using real-user data to create synthetic AI audiences, instantly validate ideas against any audience using various data sources.

Pitch bigger and bolder ideas by having your concepts quickly validated through synthetic user personas, modeled on real human data.

Generate real-time creative insights from social media.

Generate actionable insights from real-time data.

Insight generation is a creative process, with AI and humans in the loop you can supercharge that process getting you to the insights faster, much faster. Using static data like trend reports or plugging into real-time social media feeds. 

Slash the time taken for your teams to generate pitches.

Upload briefs, get brainstorming materials and ideas.

Valuable for teams who have a large volume of pitches, our tools are trained on your existing creative ideas to then develop new idea starters. Helping your creative team get into a more creative headspace, quicker.

Allowing teams to create branded content in seconds.

Data-driven content creation. Harness the power of AI to create a wide array of high-quality imagery, audio, and text, informed by your brand data and audience insights.

Fine-tuned to your brand's unique voice and guidelines, ensuring the generated text for voice applications and chatbots resonates with your brand identity.

Accelerate brand growth with AI
Are you ready to explore deploying AI  into your teams?

Cut through the hype, experience the real capabilities of AI, and walk away with a clear strategy to activate AI for your brand.
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