From Rehab

Why Companies That Innovate Through Recessions are the Most Valuable

Many people see recessions as an economic decline. We don't. We know there are opportunities to be found during periods of economic turmoil.
From Rehab

An Unfair Advantage: August 2022

Curated selection of stories, including digital sustainability, sustainable website development, and AI tools.
From Rehab

An Unfair Advantage: November 2021

Inspired by COP26 and rapid advancements in the NFT space, we cover what digital solutions can offer the planet, Music+Social+NFT = Fandom, and some digital medical advancements that are significant.
From Rehab

web3 is re-writing everything.

An introduction to web3, blockchain networks, crypto-wallets, NFTs, and DAOs. Diving into use cases and examples.
From Rehab

An Unfair Advantage: October 2021

We explore topics such as AI, NFT Utility and solving the age-old question 'I need an app but don't know code!'
From Rehab

An Unfair Advantage: September 2021

This month, we curate a selection of insights and stories exploring NFTs (non-fungible tokens), Olympian robots, the Metaverse, and when it's time to break up with your customers, (and more)!
From Rehab

An Unfair Advantage: July 2021

The big news has been privacy and trust in tech, replicating voices with new AI text-to-speech services and making 3D models in minutes for AR.
From Rehab

Pill-ID - our latest hackweek!

Pill-ID is the latest output from Rehab's hack week programme.
From Rehab

An Unfair Advantage: May 2021

The big news has been AI in healthcare, new tech announcements for augmented reality experiences and big moves toward technology for good.

Chatbots & AI

Chatbots are one of the main real-world business implementations of artificial intelligence (AI) software today. As such, chatbot tech may seem to be a very modern phenomenon, and its widespread use is indeed quite recent. But in fact, chatbots have been around for a very long time.

The Fear of Fear is Changing

Innovation, by its very nature, involves change and disruption. This is undisputed, but many businesses can, naturally, have some reservations about disrupting themselves too much.

The Evolution of Advertising in the home

The state of advertising is constantly evolving and adapting to the times. Always has been and always will be. This has never been more prominent than in the last year.
From Rehab

An Unfair Advantage: April 2021

The big news has been NFTs, healthcare and technology, and interesting moves by big tech brands.

The Influence of Big Tech on Healthcare

If connected health feels big now, it’s going to be absolutely colossal in a few years time, as the likes of Apple and Google all make this market a key priority.
From Rehab

Rehab launches COVID Vax Facts - tackling vaccine hesitancy

Creative technology agency Rehab and the University of Nottingham today announce the launch of Covid Vax Facts, an innovative online chatbot aimed at tackling concerns around the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.
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