Estée Lauder + Rehab

Transforming dull routine into radiant ritual.

Meet Liv at Estée Lauder – an innovative voice and screen experience that helps women supercharge their skin’s ability to repair, rejuvenate and renew at night.

From dull routine to radiant ritual.

Estée Lauder knows that beautiful skin starts the night before. But for many women, life gets in the way. Whether it’s time, motivation or education, we want to break down barriers to a regular nighttime routine and create a healthy habit-forming experience with Estée Lauder at its heart.


Boosting beauty sleep.

Liv empowers women to be their most beautiful selves by identifying their skin goal and then recommending the perfect product and nightly plan to help them achieve it. It’s not just about products, Liv also offers a range of impartial holistic advice.

We’ve pushed the capabilities of the Assistant platform to include Night School – a 14-interaction initiative designed to form a healthy habit with repeat use. It helps women stick to their nighttime ritual and rewards them with a report and promo code to redeem on Estée Lauder skincare.


Continuing the conversation.

With our early access to Google Assistant daily update functionality, Liv brings users back into the experience’s Night School with notifications – making it a beauty brand world first.

Liv’s continuous, personalised conversation establishes a relationship like no other skincare company.


Beautiful collaboration.

We worked closely with Google to shape Google-led advertising for Liv at Estée Lauder. Collaborating on the creation of media assets and content production.


It’s only the beginning.

Liv will keep evolving – learning from people’s interactions and developing to meet their changing needs.