A brand new way to discover with the Spotify Kids Content Explorer.

An emoji-based explorative experience for parents, showcasing some of the music content from the Spotify Kids app in a way that is truly intuitive.

Creating an intuitive language to enhance exploration.
To bring the campaign to-life, we landed on a fun and innovative concept: A content sampling experience that allows parents to select emojis representing mood and routine, and be served with corresponding music snippets from the Spotify Kids app. The experience not only introduces parents to the app, but also highlights its wide range of genres, artists and content.

We used emojis as a new visual language for music discovery as part of this microsite experience. It's a playful, intuitive way of exploring sound, which helps to connect music to moods, routines and occasions in an interactive way. The emoji categories included emotions 😜😭, routines 🍽 🛏 and wildcards 🔥. 

Built with longevity in mind, the broad range of content within the experience means users can return and discover something new. Bespoke traffic drivers and other marketing materials were also designed by the team to create a seamless user journey from awareness to conversion, ensuring the benefits could be conveyed from start to finish.