Flag as unkind - Open source

A social experiment to call out unkind, abusive and misleading content on the Internet. 

Be part of the community that’s setting the standard for media culture and online behaviour.  
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Our manifesto

We believe in the freedom of speech. We believe in reporting the facts. We do not believe in tearing people down in the name of entertainment. 

The media has set the standard for online behaviour, with it’s misleading and divisive content. 

And we think it’s time readers got to have their say.

Join us in the mission to make the Internet a kinder place.


Flag content

Find an article that’s socially unacceptable? Hit ‘Flag as unkind’.

Report the issue

Was it bullying or misleading? Tell us what you didn’t like about it.

See warnings

Keep an eye out for other flagged content and continue being kind.

Our code is yours to play with

We’ve created this open source code because we want to make a positive change in the social behaviour that’s acceptable online. If you, your company, brand or charity agree with our mission and want to support it, simply get in touch, or take the code. 

Together we can make the Internet a kinder place – one flag at a time.