A video player designed to boost e-commerce sales for Black-owned businesses.

Launched during Black Friday for Google’s Black-owned Friday initiative

The challenge

Black business owners in the US were disproportionately affected by the pandemic, with an estimated 41% forced to shut their doors in 2020 alone.

Our challenge was to design an intuitive and entertaining way for consumers to discover and shop from Black-owned businesses during the busiest commerce time of year - Black Friday.

The goal? To raise awareness of Google’s Black-owned attribute across Google Search and Maps.

The solution

We partnered with Google and BBH to create a music video with 100+ shoppable products from black business owners. Anyone who watches the video is able to purchase products from the promoted brands in real-time.

Our task was to engineer the technology that intertwined both entertainment and e-commerce into a single, seamless experience.

The Results

The query “black owned shops near me” grew 610% during the week of Black Friday and Cyber Weekend. Searches for “black-owned businesses” more than doubled. And social conversation around Black-owned businesses increased 115% in posts and 83% in overall mentions.

We won 2 x Cannes Gold Lions and 1 x Clio Grand Prix.

We solved one of the most difficult UX challenges – creating an eCommerce product video that features products from Black-owned small businesses while not taking away the attention of the audience.

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They make the design.

Nike asked us to increase their retail footprint in a new and interesting way. To do so, we designed an experience that allowed independent skateboard shops in LA to create their own digital storefront and populate it with a bespoke Nike inventory.

Customers could then purchase the items in-store and get them delivered within the hour. The result? A double digit sales increase, enhanced brand engagement, and a brand new, scalable hyperlocal retail solution.

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A retailer of the future

Our work opened up entirely new experiences and locations for Nike and the participating retailers. We helped a global business to innovate within the confines of a traditional retail model and think differently about how they can support their customers, as well as the end consumer.

We are now planning to scale this entire experience to other cities and other shops, while also looking at ways to enable geo-located drops for events.

All to help Nike to continually serve and support the grassroots skating scene.

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