Nike + Rehab

Starting off on the right foot

We created Nike Coach – a seasoned trainer, friend and Nike’s first one-to-one voice experience to help new runners get started.

First step towards fitness.

If you’ve never been for a run, it’s hard to know where to begin or how to get motivated. As for finding the right shoes, it can be easy to get lost in the technical terminology.

So Nike asked us to create a voice and messaging experience that gives new runners all the answers they’re looking for.


Keeping pace with a personal plan.

Nike Coach helps people work towards their own health and fitness goals. It’s an easy-going and non-judgemental training experience that reminds us that even the most professional of Nike athletes were beginners once too.

With a few quick questions Nike Coach generates a tailored running plan that includes warm-ups and cool-downs, the latest Nike innovations, and tips on how to run farther and faster. Plus, users can change their goal or snooze their plan whenever they see fit.


Making exercise part of a routine.

Nike Coach is one of the first branded actions to use daily updates through Google Assistant routines – keeping personalised running schedule front of mind and new runners on the move.

The conversation continues beyond scheduled run days, with pre-run prep, or post-run celebrations and recovery messages. Alongside, useful reminders to take your waterproof jacket if it’s raining, and motivational words from the pros.


Going the distance.

Finding the right gear is often a mystery for those starting out so the product finder is a core feature of Nike Coach. It helps find the perfect kicks and remembers recommendations so users can pick up where they left off.

Beyond getting started, we want to provide new runners with the right help and support when they need it. So, Nike Coach is accessible from and taps into the wider Nike eco-system including Nike Run Club’s Audio Guided Runs.


Switching it up.

Nike Coach is one of the first branded actions to use surface switch functionality – allowing users to start a conversation on one device and pick it up on another. Whether they’re moving between Google Home, or Assistant on their phone, the content is specially crafted to create a seamless experience.


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