Key Pillar

Insight and decision making

Data is nothing without insight.

If you don’t know where to look, what to look for, or what to do with the information you find, then what use is that data in the first place?

Without insight, how do you build a strategy to enter new markets, channels or categories? How do you effectively optimise the activity and touch points you have already created to help drive revenue into or cost out of your business?

The brands that are thriving in today’s digital environment understand the answers to these questions and have scaled entire businesses or product teams because of them.

Yours may be one of them. But what if it’s not?

The problems we solve

When it comes to a digital experience, traditional research can take too long, cost too much and be too outdated by the time the programme finishes.

We’re not a traditional research agency. We don’t pretend to be.

If you are looking to improve conversion rates on a digital product or service, wanting to understand why employees are not engaging with e-Learning content, or wondering what the next evolution of your company should look like, our team will help.

We hone in on what really matters to your business and then test and validate this with your customers as fast as possible, using whatever means necessary, to get the insights you need, fast.

Data and analytics

New ideas and initiatives are always easier to progress when you have the numbers to back them up. You’ll be able to understand and prioritise the activity that delivers the best return on investment and optimise each touchpoint or stage in the customer journey to deliver the best possible experience for customers or employees.


Using third party AI tools that replicate the impulse responses and behaviour of the human brain, we are able to understand how the brain perceives a digital or physical experience within seconds.

Research and testing 

Qualitative and quantitative research is nothing new, but it is fundamental to strategic planning and decision making. We gather first, second and third party research to generate the insight you need to confidently make the decisions that matter.

Get in touch

We’ve created voice and messaging experiences for the most recognisable brands in the world including National Geographic, HBO, Harry Potter, Nike and Roche.

Connect with a strategist to discuss your voice potential:
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